Sunday, July 27, 2008

Western Spaghetti - Fake Food Rules!!

I'm doing an Ignite Tucson presentation this Thursday, July 31st on "Why I Feel Nurtured by Fake Food." I decided to do some online research to see what interesting things I could find and I came across this awesome stop-motion animation. I am in love with it!! It may take a little while to load but it's worth it!!

If you live in Tucson, I hope you can make it this Thursday. Go to the link above for more info.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Trees are People Too

I love these art installations! I found them at this site through the Wooster Collective site (sent to me by Alanna).

Santa Cruz - go Slugs!

Santa Cruz is my heart home. I loved going to college in the middle of the woods overlooking the ocean. Prasenjit had never been so we spent a few days there last week enjoying the weather and spontaneously hanging out with my cousin, who I hadn't seen in 15 years!

Ice cream sandwiches from Day's Market on Seabright Ave.
I remember buying these as a special treat. If we had known they now cost $3.88 each, we may have passed!

I was glad to see UCSC is still a hotbed of activism!

Prasenjit checks out the new Engineering building at UCSC

The Kresge bridge

Fresh figs from my cousin Eric's garden

Me and Eric and Avery

We went tide pooling at Natural Bridges state beach.

And finally, Matthew, the pot-bellied pig (Avery and Matthew are pets of Eric's friend Renee). We fed Matthew grapes and carrots, which was a little scary but fun.